Here is a “you’ve been Rob’ed” blog where I would love feedback from all you followers out there.  Please share with me your Christmas traditions so that we can all get some good ideas during this crazy time we are living through.

What are your Festive Season Traditions? Mine is to normally be so far away from everyone.  A bit of time out away from the hustle and bustle.  Normally, instead of carving up the turkey, I am rather carving up the ski slopes in France and enjoying the white Christmas with mulled wine and beautiful fondue and raclette.  With Covid restrictions this year, I will be at the beach, enjoying the sand, sea, barbecues and great South African Pinotage. 

I can’t wait….I am even going to try replicate Starbuck’s Egg Nog latte in and amongst all the cooking I will be doing for my family.  I asked my staff what their traditions were for the festive season.  Here are some of the interesting traditions of theirs: Overall, I think the common theme from everyone, whether you believe in Xmas or not, was to spend time with their loved ones and being surrounded by family and food.   

From Christmas carols to Christmas trees and stockings hanging on the wall.  
Roasted nuts to hot gluwein - time to have a ball. 
From feasts including turkey, gammon, lamb and also chicken, 
to desserts of mince pies and Christmas Fruit cakes - our fingers we are lickin.
Here in South Africa, we also have the crackers and party crowns.
We have braais and go to the beaches, and tan and go toasty brown.
With presents at midnight and even "Elf on the Shelf" 
or leaving milk and biscuits out for Santa and Rudolph.
Always important to take a moment of gratitude in these trying times
and be grateful for the little things and even Robs bad rhymes....

Keep safe and have a happy festive season and please share your stories – lets spread the festive cheer with everyone!!

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