Feeling burnt out? You’re not alone!!

I was in Cape Town last week and my business partners were asking where I was. I told them I was in Cape Town and only flying back that day. They said that I was meant to be doing a presentation that morning for quite a big launch. I told them I would never have accepted that meeting invite as I knew I wouldn’t be back in Joburg by then. To this they responded – “you were the one that set up the meeting, Rob”.

Sound familiar? Are you forgetting you said you would do something or did something and you can’t remember doing it?

Burnout doesn’t necessarily mean that you are burning the candle from both ends. It often is seen in other areas and could even be as subtle as a cold sore, or feeling unproductive or slight anxiety.
Covid has taken its toll on many people. Financially, people are struggling to make ends meet. Emotionally, people are worried they will be next to lose their jobs. Physically, people are not going to gyms or running or exercising, and are often seen “comfort-eating” which causes weight gain, which causes anxiety…..and so the cycle continues.

My advice, as I see and speak to candidates and clients all the time – don’t be so hard on yourself. Set some boundaries. Family, health, and happiness, at the end of the day, is just as important as your work. Set some time aside to go for a walk or a run. Try have no meetings from 8am to 9am, from 12pm to 1pm and from 4pm to 5pm – just so that you can re-group and actually assess and process what has been discussed in other meetings. Having back to back meetings all day and all week will become your “kryptonite”. I have even heard one of my clients doing this as well as “no meeting Tuesday”. ie a full day of no meetings.

Times have been very stressful and painful for everyone. What can you do differently post covid? What will you change? Will you pat your dogs more? Will you go bike riding with the kids more?.

Covid for me has allowed me to reflect and really try to take myself out of my comfort zone with respect to change. I have set up new businesses, taken a few risks (when I am generally very risk-averse) and have spent a lot more time with the family. I have even continued with my piano lessons via zoom calls – this allows me a bit of time out too.

So guys, please look after yourselves, and take care of number 1 (you and your family). Once you have hit burnout, it is often too late – let’s all make an effort to watch ourselves and not reach that place of no return. Below is a website I found that explains more about burnout.

All the best and stay well

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