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People often talk about South Africa being the ‘Crime Capital of The World’.  I absolutely love and adore South Africa, so decided to put a different spin on it.  I thought – let me ‘rob’ my brain and try give some useful insights to others to help people in bettering themselves – like a modern day ‘Rob’in Hood paying it forward with my life lessons learned.

I was sitting with a very dear client last week and she said to me “Rob if you get your blog going, you should write your first blog about how you handle a meeting or a get-together.  I love the fact that you are always fully present – that is your biggest strength and I believe one of your best attributes”

I must admit, I was humbled by her kind words.  Not because of what she said about me, but a few weeks earlier, I had said exactly the same about one of my other clients, who is one of SA’s top CEO’s, and one of SA’s business leaders who I respect the most.  Every time I meet with him, he is fully present and actually has a charming presence about himself – he treats everyone fairly, respects everyone from the janitor, to the people behind the coffee counter, to other CEOs.  If this is how I am seen, then it really was a massive compliment.

With mobile technology, the way it is today – try something new.  When you are in a meeting, switch your phone off or don’t look at it.  When you are with your kids/family at home, put your phone down and look at them and talk to them.  Nothing is more frustrating than someone who is distracted. When you are at a business lunch – don’t put your phone on the table, keep it in your pocket.  I tell people that they must all put their phones in a pile and that I will pay for the lunch. I then say that the first person to look at his/her phone must pay for the meal – amazing how nobody looks at his/her phone.  I guarantee you – it will keep you present.

Have a conversation.  Talk to each other. Focus.  Be Human. Engage. Face each other when conversing.  These are the areas that will build your relationships and in turn, will build trust and in turn will build your business. Go ahead – try it!!!  You will be amazed as to how your body language and attitude toward one-another changes.

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  1. Brett Hirschowitz Reply

    Love it Rob, it’s quirky yet informative.. look forward to lots more- being Rob’d 😉

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